Kuulchat Media is a software company headquartered in Accra, Ghana. We provide high custom web and mobile solutions to our customers.

Kuulchat social media formerly known as "Youfabi" is Kuulchat Media's first product, which enables students to socialize with other students as well as learn. Since then we have created products such as BankSoft, MedSoft, BuzSoft, KuulMovie, KuulShop and management software for schools and companies. BankSoft is used by a number of micro-finance institutions in Ghana. Kuulchat Media has also been involved in webapp development for business and enterprises.

At Kuulchat Media, we understand that every business is unique. We aim at providing tailor-made cost effective software solutions, technology, consulting and long-term outsourcing. Our customers tell us their ideas and we transform their ideas into meaningful software.

We ensure our customers can optimize their resources effectively and concentrate on their core competency.


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